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Steam Train Old Smokey – Vape Shot 20ml
American Blend Tobacco

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Full Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of vaping pleasure with our new TOBACCO artisanal e-liquid.

Crafted from premium, organic tobacco, our AMERICAN BLEND flavor encapsulates the essence of traditional tobacco, offering a smooth and robust vaping experience. Indulge in the rich, authentic taste of meticulously selected tobacco leaves with every puff. Our unwavering dedication to premium ingredients guarantees an excellent vaping experience tailored to the discerning palate of tobacco connoisseurs.




Mixing Guide

The way to mix the Flavor Shot, VG Base and Nicotine Shots together is clearly shown on the image below and the process is very simple to do.

Need help on mixing ? Please contact one of our stores. (Click Here) We would be glad to help you!



The 60ml Gorilla bottle contains 20ml of flavor. Not to be used as it is. Always add 40ml of a full VG  base for a nicotine free liquid.

For adding nicotine please check the table for nicotine level